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Solomon and Herrera

Family Law Attorneys Serving New York and Florida

Many individuals and companies in New York have second homes or businesses in Florida. Whether you are involved in litigation or a civil transaction of some kind, you want a lawyer who understands the legal process in each state. The attorneys at Solomon and Herrera share over 40 years of experience handling civil litigation, criminal defense and family law in both jurisdictions.

Prepared to Handle Your New York and Florida Legal Concerns

With offices in both New York and Florida, the law firm of Solomon and Herrera is prepared to respond to the concerns of their clients in both states. For the past three decades, the attorneys have built a practice based on referrals, as they continue to provide individuals and businesses with the solutions they are looking for in each state.

In addition to representing individuals and businesses, the attorneys at Solomon and Herrera provide counsel to New York law firms who have clients in Florida.

Handling Multiple Legal Concerns

Even if your case is complicated by numerous legal issues, there is no need to involve multiple lawyers. Whatever legal concerns you may have, the firm is prepared to handle every aspect of your case. If you are getting a divorce and your house is under water, they can help you prevent foreclosure as you manage your family law concerns. If there have been allegations of domestic violence, they can help you with that as well.

To talk directly to an attorney from Solomon and Herrera, PLLC, contact them online or call one of our locations for a confidential consultation. Their main offices in Levittown are open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and they offer evening and weekend hours by appointment.

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